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Masterclass Etna Wine school

As part of the lessons organized in Sicily by the Etna Wine School, the masterclass “Il Nero d’Avola per suoli” was held on May 8th, 2023 at Cantine Nicosia, by the DOC Sicily Councilor, enologist Dr. Giuseppe Figlioli. The masterclass, requested by Benjamin Spencer* head of the American Etna Wine School, was aimed at 14 students of the Napa Valley Wine school.

*Benjamin Spencer is a wine consultant, author, journalist, educator and entrepreneur. He is the director of the Etna Wine School in Sicily and author of “The New Wines of Mount Etna”. His writings have appeared in, Mutineer Magazine, Barfly, The Press, [Melanchol Breakfast], Trouble, Wine Spectator, Wine Dogs, American Wine Writer, and Wine Spectator. Subject: enology, writing, web design, cooking, publishing, criticism, travel, consultancy