Press Release

Sicily DOC wines become a symbol of union among cultures and peoples, land and sea in the new commercial, now online, which reveals the spirit of an entire wine territory

Grillo and Nero d’Avola Sicily DOC are the protagonists of the new commercial produced by the Consortium for the Protection of Sicily DOC Wines; a video that celebrates the island and its wines with evocative images of the vineyards and the entire island.
Palermo, June 10th, 2023 – A dynamic and engaging commercial, representative of the passion and energy of an island like Sicily, a crossroads in the past as in the present of different cultures, styles, peoples and traditions. Unique characteristics that can also be found by tasting Sicily DOC wines. A clear message that passes through evocative images that reveal the way in which Sicily DOC wines are synonymous with union and conviviality, unique products capable of bringing different people together at the same table, all in a unique context, in a union of sky and sea.
The claim itself of “Sicily, an island that unites” perfectly translates into words the pictures that show and enhance glimpses of towns and archaeological sites, of the vineyards, cradle of Sicily DOC wines, of moments of joy that have wine as a common denominator.
“It is a great pleasure and a source of pride to see the values of the Consortium for the Protection of Sicily DOC Wines and of the Sicilian producers described in this commercial” – says Antonio Rallo, President of the Consortium – “The Sicily DOC wines are, in fact, not only a symbol of quality, but they also represent an authentic union with the territory in which they were born, a uniqueness that we want to convey to all those who wish to discover this side of Sicily as well”.
Consortium for the Protection of Sicily DOC Wines
The Consortium for the Protection of Sicily DOC Wines ( came into being in 2012, with the aim of promoting Sicily DOC wines, via activities aimed at increasing the visibility of a brand that is a symbol of Made in Italy, as well as protecting the product with supervisory activities in defense of consumers and producers.
Nearly 8,000 winemakers and about 500 bottlers are promoters of the DOC (controlled designation of origin), a recognition useful to representing them but also to enhancing and safeguarding the island’s wine production. Sicily is the largest organic wine-growing area in Italy: it accounts for 30 percent of the national surface area, and with its more than 42,000 hectares it also holds the record among the regions that practice sustainable viticulture, subject to organic or integrated production regulations.