Press Release


Verona, April 3rd, 2023

Ideal destination and concrete haven of light, history, and beauty, Sicily is a must for food and wine lovers. Between the refined and authentic flavors of the territory and wine, the ambassador of the island’s soul, a union dedicated to the food and wine excellence of Sicily has been born: The Consortium for the Protection of Sicily DOC Wines and the Soste di Ulisse sign a partnership.

This agreement was discussed at Vinitaly 2023, in the Meeting Hall of the Region of Sicily’s Pavilion, during the event “Wine & Sicilian Excellence: The Consortium for the Protection of Sicily Doc Wines and the Soste di Ulisse United for the Promotion of the Heritage of the “Region of Sicily”.

On this occasion, in fact, the President of the Consortium for the Protection of Sicily DOC Wines, Antonio Rallo, with the President of the Soste di Ulisse, Pino Cuttaia, explained the details of this partnership:

“Sicily, a brand of excellence with a strong identity – says Antonio Rallo – which can only be further strengthened by this collaboration. The encounter between a unique wine-growing reality and Sicilian gastronomic excellence can only confirm the Made in Sicily as a guarantee of quality and increasingly accredit the island as an exceptional tourist destination”.

The Consortium for the Protection of Sicily DOC Wines, established in 2012 with the aim of protecting, enhancing and promoting the “Sicily” Controlled Designation of Origin, operates in a context that features one of the largest vineyards in Italy, more than 97 thousand hectares: three times the size of New Zealand’s vineyard, as large as those in South Africa and Germany. A treasure that covers a heterogeneous island, in which vines with unique characteristics have developed and where today there are over 70 native varieties, beginning with Grillo and Nero d’Avola.

Sicily is also the largest organic wine area in Italy: it represents 30% of the national surface and with over 42,000 hectares it also holds the record among the regions that practice sustainable viticulture.

The partnership with Le Soste di Ulisse, which is therefore based on the excellence of two realities working on the promotion of Sicily, foresees numerous joint activities, starting with collaboration during press tours.

“We are very happy to “merge forces” with a reality like Sicily DOC – declares Pino Cuttaia, the president of Le Soste di Ulisse – which, like the association I preside over, has been engaged for many years in an important activity of international promotion of and knowledge about the Sicilian wine world and its extraordinary native varieties. Wine and gastronomic culture, together with Art in its innumerable forms of which Sicily is immensely rich, are some of the most influential and exciting “attractors” for great quality, cultured tourism which is not merely seaside tourism. And being able to combine our respective professional skills can only be the premise to a major success. The year 2023 is a turning point for our association, which is equipping itself with a new-generation structure, tools and promotion programs that we will be happy to share with the Sicily DOC Consortium, starting with the Press Incoming events we have organized during the year, to a dedicated App, up to the SDU 3.0 Conference which will be held from October 28-30 at Hotel Minareto in Syracuse”.

During the event, the Marketing & Communication Area Coordinator of the Sicily DOC Consortium, Elisabetta Briguglio, and the Marketing Director of Le Soste di Ulisse, Daniele Siena, illustrated some of the results achieved by their respective companies.

Consortium for the Protection of Sicily DOC Wines

The Consortium for the Protection of Sicily DOC Wines ( came to life in 2012, with the aim of representing the wine of the Sicilian territory and promoting the Sicily DOC denomination, with actions aimed at increasing the visibility of a symbolic brand of Made in Italy and at protecting and supervising in defense of consumers and producers.

Almost 8,000 winegrowers and about 500 bottlers are promoters of the Controlled Designation of Origin, a recognition that serves to represent them, but also to enhance and safeguard the island’s wine production. Sicily is the largest organic wine-growing area in Italy: It accounts for 30% of the national surface area and with its over 42 thousand hectares, it also holds the record among the regions that practice sustainable viticulture, subject to organic or integrated production regulations.