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Quoted by Cupani (1696), the origin is still uncertain. It is linked to the ancient wines known with the name of “Calabresi di Augusta” and “Vini di Vittoria”. The name Calabrese presumably derives from two ancient Sicilian words “Calea” – “Aulisi”, grapes of Avola, linked to the place of original selection. The king of the Sicilian vine varieties is successfully cultivated in all the wine-growing areas of the Island, where it finds its highest qualitative expression.
Vigorous plant, medium-large leaf, medium to large bunch, medium berries with blue-black pruinose peel. Medium maturity. The wines are distinguished according to the cultivation areas of the vine variety, are rich in personality, with a ruby red colour, high aromatic content with fruity, floral and spicy notes, excellent taste structure, tannic, full-bodied, balanced acidity and softness, harmonious in the complex.
It is widespread throughout Sicily.

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