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It belongs to the historic group of “Nigrelli” vine varieties described by Sestini (1760) in his memoirs on the wines of Mascali County. Traditionally raised with the gobelet training system, it is the most widespread vine variety in the Etna area where it has been cultivated since a long time. Presumably it has links with the ancient wines of Etna celebrated by Homer and by the Latin historians. Medium vigorous plant, has a high change of varieties, medium-large leaf, medium bunch, medium-small berries with thick and consistent peel of blue-violet colour. Late maturity.

The wine is elegant and of great personality, with a tannic tendency, of ruby red colour with garnet reflections, the excellent structure and the good aromatic set make it suitable for maturing.

It is widespread in the provinces of Catania, Messina, Agrigento and Enna.

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